Citizens guide to the 21st century
scratch book of what you should know to be a citizen of the 21st century

1.Error: Class ‘PEAR’ not found -> Add following to open-basedir:   php_admin_value open_basedir “/home/services:/tmp:/usr/share/roundcube:/usr/share/php:/var/lib/roundcube:/etc/roundcube” 2. Error: DB Error: [26] file is encrypted or is not a database -> Convert old database: sqlite vmk.rcm.db .dump | sqlite3 vmk.rcm.sqlite3.db

die gesamte datei anzeigen $ cat access-blick.log   den schluss der datei anzeigen $ tail access-blick.log   den schluss der datei fortlaufend anzeigen $ tail -f access-blick.log   alle zeilen anzeigen, die den text “mozilla” enthalten $ grep mozilla access-blick.log   das pipe symbol | wird dazu verwendet, die Ausgabe eines Programms an ein anderes […]

root@framework4 ~ # iptables -L INPUT -n –line-numbers Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) num target prot opt source destination 1 DROP all — 2 DROP all — 3 DROP all — 4 DROP all — 5 DROP all — 6 DROP all — 7 […]

~/Maildir/cur# for i in `grep Tiki *|awk ‘{split($0,a,”:”); print a[1]”:”a[2] }’`; do rm $i; done Deletes all mails in Maildir inbox containing “Tiki”  

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for i in *; do convert -crop 654×993+620+266 “$i” “$i.conv.png” ; done

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I used to be a digital citizen long before I heard this expression for the first time. I started computing in 1984 and I am very familiar with all kind of applied digital technologies. I prefer to call myself citizen of the 21st century because this includes belief in values like freedom of belief, sexuality […]

Literature How I got multitouch working with qt5 and ubuntu 12.10 on a Acer Netbook (Aspire 1825PTZ): Installed qt5-sdk-rc1 from git clone qt5 cd qt5/qtbase/src/platformsupport/input/evdevtouch/ edit evdevtouch.pri, uncomment DEFINES += USE_MTDEV compile qt5 according to instructions in Installation/replace current libs: cd ~/Qt5.0.0-rc1/5.0.0-rc1/gcc mv lib lib.no_mtdev ln -s ~/qt5/qtbase/lib/   […]

sudo etherwake -b 00:26:6c:17:c4:2c

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sudo apt-get install build-essential  ffmpeg libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libswscale-dev libjpeg-dev libpng-dev libtiff-dev libjasper-dev cmake subversion libgtk2.0-dev pkg-config python git libv4l-dev liblo-dev   wget    

/etc/hostmane: containe ip of host /etc/mailname: contains host part of sender adress /etc/exim4/update-exim4-conf.conf: dc_eximconfig_configtype=’internet’ dc_other_hostnames=’46.x.y.z’ dc_local_interfaces=’46.x.y.z; ; ::1′ dc_readhost=” dc_relay_domains=” dc_minimaldns=’false’ dc_relay_nets=” dc_smarthost=” CFILEMODE=’644′ dc_use_split_config=’false’ dc_hide_mailname=” dc_mailname_in_oh=’true’ dc_localdelivery=’maildir_home’   test: mail -s hello

A way to translte OSC-Messages to Midi Signals using puredata: #N canvas 100 620 674 308 10; #X obj 151 121 unpack 0 0 0; #X obj 205 242 print; #X obj 153 170 ctlout; #X obj 240 126 unpack 0 0 0; #X obj 236 167 noteout; #X obj 324 167 bendout; #X obj […]

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