Citizens guide to the 21st century
scratch book of what you should know to be a citizen of the 21st century

A way to translte OSC-Messages to Midi Signals using puredata: #N canvas 100 620 674 308 10; #X obj 151 121 unpack 0 0 0; #X obj 205 242 print; #X obj 153 170 ctlout; #X obj 240 126 unpack 0 0 0; #X obj 236 167 noteout; #X obj 324 167 bendout; #X obj […]

The sound server has the adress and is reachable within the VMK Network or trough vpn from remote. Copy sound files to the server This is done on the command line using the secure copy command scp. This will copy any file from your local harddisk into the home directory of the user vmk […]